Friday, July 1, 2022 launched An Achievable Dream’s 30th year in operation. It is also the birthday of AAD’s late founder, Walter Segaloff. Walter was a visionary. A leader. Someone who knew how to inspire and rally supporters behind a cause worth believing in. His greatest dream and accomplishment? The founding of An Achievable Dream.

Through 30 years of change, growth, milestones, achievements, setbacks and victories, the program has continued to fulfil Walter’s vision, even after his passing in 2013.

Today, we know Walter would be joining us in celebration of this remarkable milestone—30 years! We also celebrate and honor Walter on his birthday. His leadership and tireless dedication to bringing equity to education and helping make the world a better place—one child at a time—inspires us every day to continue the work.

As we kick off our 30th year with A Day to Dream Virtual Giving Day, Dream Week (7 days of surprises!), and many more celebrations to come, we do so with gratitude for the man who started it all.

Together, let’s celebrate 30 Years of Dreams!



6:00 pm  | Cocktail Attire

Join us as we commemorate this special occasion and step into the next chapter of our story, together.


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  • AAD Begins

    An Achievable Dream began as a summer and after-school tennis and tutoring program for 95 rising third-grade students.
  • Barbara Bush

    First Lady Barbara Bush visited An Achievable Dream Academy students.
  • Inaugural Tennis Ball

    An Achievable Dream held its inaugural Tennis Ball in partnership with the Virginia Peninsula Rotary Club on November 13, 1993, at the Holiday Inn Conference Center.
  • Dunbar-Erwin Elementary

    An Achievable Dream Academy opened at Dunbar-Erwin Elementary School for 400 children in grades 3-5.
  • Dunbar-Erwin Elementary School Expanded

    An Achievable Dream Dunbar-Erwin Elementary School expanded to include grades 6-8 and continued to focus on college preparation and career readiness for students.
  • Family Engagement and Relationships

    School administration at An Achievable Dream Dunbar-Erwin Elementary School began setting a precedent for parent and family engagement and relationships – by sending parents and guardians […]
  • Reader’s Digest American Heroes in Education Award

    Walter Segaloff, founder of An Achievable Dream and Jacob Wilson, III, principal of An Achievable Dunbar-Erwin Elementary School were awarded the Reader’s Digest American Heroes in […]
  • Jackie Chan Visited

    Actor and filmmaker Jackie Chan visited the students at An Achievable Dream Academy.
  • National School of Character

    An Achievable Dream was recognized as a National School of Character by
  • An Achievable Dream Programming

    An Achievable Dream Academy became a year-round school. Kindergarten through second-grade students zoned for Dunbar-Erwin Elementary School participated in An Achievable Dream programming.
  • First Class Graduated

    The first class of An Achievable Dream graduated from the AAD program at Heritage High School.
  • Partnered with Newport News Parks and Recreation

    An Achievable Dream partnered with Newport News Parks and Recreation to open a tennis center in downtown Newport News for its students and the surrounding community.
  • Closed Gap on SOL Tests

    An Achievable Dream students closed the achievement gap on Standards of Learning (SOL) tests by scoring equal to or higher than students from other regional public […]
  • Virginia Standards of Accreditation

    An Achievable Dream Academy became fully accredited under Virginia Standards of Accreditation at the start of standardized testing in Virginia.
  • The Mutual of America Community Partnership Award

    The Mutual of America Community Partnership Award was awarded to An Achievable Dream and its partners, Newport News Public Schools, City of Newport News, U.S. Army […]
  • U.S. Senator John Warner

    U.S. Senator John Warner visited the students at An Achievable Dream Academy.
  • Organization of the Year

    An Achievable Dream was recognized as the 2005 United Stated Tennis Association (USTA) Organization of the Year.
  • Briarfield Elementary School

    The Newport News Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Marcus Newsome approached Walter Segaloff with a request to take over operations of Briarfield Elementary School with the AAD […]
  • An Achievable Dream Middle and High School

    After renovations were completed at the former Briarfield Elementary School (with construction partner W.M. Jordan Company), An Achievable Dream Middle and High School opened its doors.
  • The Early Show

    An Achievable Dream was featured on The Early Show on the CBS network.
  • “No-Show” Tennis Ball

    An Achievable Dream held its first and only “no-show” Tennis Ball in response to the 2009 economic climate.
  • Anti-Bullying Pledge

    Nearly 480 students at An Achievable Dream Middle and High School signed an “Anti-Bullying Pledge” during “Black Out Bullying” week, which emphasized practicing kindness toward one […]
  • Graduating High School

    Forty-two seniors became members of the first graduating class from An Achievable Dream High School.
  • Aubrey Layne, Jr.

    An Achievable Dream’s Boards of Directors appointed Aubrey Layne, Jr. as president, succeeding Walter Segaloff after his retirement.
  • Seatack Elementary School

    An Achievable Dream partnered with Virginia Beach City Public Schools and began plans for the program’s first expansion beyond Newport News beginning with Seatack Elementary School.
  • 2013 Virginian of the Year

    The Virginia Press Association named Walter Segaloff as its 2013 Virginian of the Year.
  • Walter S. Segaloff Passed

    On August 8, 2013, An Achievable Dream founder, Walter S. Segaloff, passed away unexpectedly. Nearly 500 family, friends, AAD staff, students and families, and community members […]
  • Kathy Edwards

    Kathy Edwards, former chief operating officer of AAD, was appointed president and CEO, succeeding Aubrey Layne after his appointment as secretary of transportation in the administration […]
  • Seatack Elementary An Achievable Dream Academy

    Seatack Elementary An Achievable Dream Academy began programming for students in grades K-2 in July, with a summer intersession.
  • Dedication of the Founder’s Hope Wall

    On December 9, 2015, An Achievable Dream remembered Walter Segaloff during the dedication of the Founder’s Hope Wall and the Walter S. Segaloff campus at An […]
  • 2016 Beach Ball

    Partners and friends of An Achievable Dream gathered to celebrate the 2016 Beach Ball.
  • Expansion Plans

    In continuation of the partnership with Virginia Beach City Public Schools, An Achievable Dream and VBCPS initiated expansion plans for middle school students to attend AAD […]
  • Lynnhaven Middle School

    An Achievable Dream began its program at Lynnhaven Middle School with the first day of summer intersession on July 9, 2018.
  • Dr. Lee Vreeland

    Following the retirement of Kathy Edwards, Dr. Lee Vreeland, former vice president of academics, was appointed president and CEO of An Achievable Dream. Dr. Vreeland, who […]
  • Pharrell Williams Visited

    Ten-time Grammy Award-winning artist Pharrell Williams brought the Something in the Water festival to Virginia Beach, partnering with AAD as one of the beneficiaries of the […]
  • A Night to Dream

    The inaugural A Night to Dream was held on February 7, 2020 at the Historic Cavalier Hotel. AAD alumnus Lieutenant Commander Franklin Roberson delivered the keynote […]
  • Virginia Beach City Public Schools Approved

    The Virginia Beach City Public Schools school board approved funding for a dedicated high school building to house An Achievable Dream Middle and High School at […]
  • Transition to Virtual Learning

    At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when all Virginia schools were required to close for a minimum of two weeks, An Achievable Dream successfully transitioned […]
  • The Dreamers for Change Task Force

    The Dreamers for Change Task Force was created in the summer of 2020 with a membership of staff, community members, and Dreamer alumni. The Task Force […]
  • 28th Annual Tennis Ball

    The 28th Annual Tennis Ball, A Virtual Mask-eurade Event, was held virtually on November 14, 2020. Guests enjoyed the Tennis Ball during socially distanced watch parties […]
  • 2nd Annual A Night to Dream

    The 2nd Annual A Night to Dream, a virtual speakeasy, was held on March 5, 2021 to benefit AAD Virginia Beach. Guests joined virtually and heard […]
  • High School in Virginia Beach

    With plans for a permanent building underway, An Achievable Dream expanded to high school in Virginia Beach with ninth grade students at An Achievable Dream Middle […]
  • Fairfield Middle School Expanded

    An Achievable Dream Certified Academy in Henrico County expanded to middle school with sixth-grade Dreamers at Fairfield Middle School.
  • An Achievable Dream Broke Ground

    An Achievable Dream broke ground on An Achievable Dream Middle and High School at Lynnhaven, projected to open in September 2023.
  • Space at the Oak Avenue Complex

    In partnership with Henrico County and Henrico County Public Schools, plans began for An Achievable Dream’s Middle and High School space at the Oak Avenue Complex […]
  • Governor Youngkin

    An Achievable Dream welcomed Governor and First Lady Youngkin and Governor Youngkin’s cabinet members and leadership team on a Seatack Elementary An Achievable Dream Academy tour.
  • Community Project Funding

    For the first time in a decade, Community Project Funding (formerly congressional earmarks) were made available and An Achievable Dream received significant Community Project Funding (CPF) […]
  • 30-Year Anniversary

    An Achievable Dream celebrates its 30-year anniversary beginning July 1, 2022. As a family, we collectively celebrate all we have achieved together over thirty years, and […]

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Memories of An Achievable Dream
  • I was the first green group starting out in the summer school and after-school program. We met at South Morrison after school, which then turned into a summer program. I remember my brother wanting to join, and he came a year later as the first red group. We went to amusement parks and museums and played tennis, it was fun. My love for Nutri-grain bars didn’t exist until then. My favorite part was sponsor day seeing all the people support us and wanting to invest in our future a lot of the kids including myself came from downtown Newport News and never ever thought about tennis I thought it was cool. As I got older I didn’t like the long hours and going to school all year around so I left my 7th grade year butI thought I knew everything and that it something else out there to see in public school but it definitely wasn’t the teachers there care more and invested more of their time and love . I will cherish all my memories and childhood friends and teachers . I will never forget playing the violin and being etiquette class with Mrs. Bryant or the greetings from Mr. Brickhouse man old man such a great time. Definitely Mr. Newsome and Mrs Woods (Albia) they were on my brother trying to keep him on track. Only if I knew then what I know now C/O 2002 GREEN GROUP!!!

  • I met Walter when I joined La Vogue as an assistant buyer in 1980. It was my first job out of college. Walter would regularly stop by my office and ask me what I was working on and seemed genuinely interested in me and my growth at the company. I remember being surprised that the president of the company would care about someone at my low level—but that was Walter. One story about Walter has stayed with me all these years. One of my jobs as an assistant buyer was to visit all the La Vogue stores and write reports on the state of each store—were they neat, was the stock out, that sort of thing. One day, one of the store managers took me aside and said everyone hated me because I was being truthful in these reports and it was making some of the store managers look bad. I felt horrible and upset. The next day, I asked to see Walter to discuss this. I never forgot what he told me. He said "there is a big club out there with a capital M on it called Mediocrity and you do not want to be part of that. Keep doing what you are doing." We had numerous chats like this which I always looked forward to. Walter must have seen something in me because he  also helped secure a scholarship for me to go back to school at night to get my MBA and gave me additional opportunities for growth at the company. I have had a long and successful career and am currently the VP of Themed Entertainment for Warner Bros. Discovery. I attribute a lot of my success to the guidance and support I received from Walter. He was the best mentor I have ever had.

Submit Your Own Memory of An Achievable Dream